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Prairie du Chien Documentary

Life along the Mississippi River defines this area - from historical significance to the way it shapes the people that call it home.

So what transcends time in a river town like Prairie du Chien? Despite all of the changes that modern life brings, are there still ways that people can connect with the past? And how does an area that offers so much opportunity for self-sustainability also connect as a community?

Dan Moris explores these questions and more with Prairie du Chien residents, sharing their experience and perspective on what has made life in this river town so special.  >> View this Documentary

Just Imagine...Prairie du Chien! 

The Prairie du Chien Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to provide this information about the Prairie du Chien Wisconsin area and its businesses. Prairie du Chien is located just above the confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers, and is the oldest European settlement on the Upper Mississippi River. Our history dates back to the 17th century with many sites preserved and open to visitors.

Prairie du Chien's Got It!

What is there to do in Prairie du Chien? A wide variety of attractions and events throughout the year. Stay for awhile and see what makes the Prairie du Chien area one of the choice destinations in Wisconsin.
Prairie du Chien’s Got it!

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Discover what makes Prairie du Chien so great!


Since 1976, the Prairie Villa Rendezvous has recreated life as it was when Prairie du Chien was the hub of fur trading.

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Discover Wisconsin Episode

With its incredible beauty, fascinating history and unique events, there are so many reasons to explore Prairie du Chien!

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There is a lot happening in the historic Prairie du Chien area! A wonderful tourist destination, a great place to raise your family and the right location to start or grow your business.

Historic Driving Tour

The Southwest Wisconsin Chamber Alliance has created an historic driving tour map including the top historic attractions in the Southwest corner of Wisconsin. Click link below to view the map.

Historic Driving Tour
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