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Churches & Organizations

Worship opportunities in Prairie du Chien vary. Individuals and families may choose to attend services in one of the historical buildings of the community where a traditional service is held, or in a modern facility with contemporary music and worship atmosphere. Several major denominations and other faith communities are represented in the Prairie du Chien area. The city has an active Ministerial Association committed to promoting spiritual growth and understanding. Its membership meets weekly. The Ministerial Association conducts ecumenical services and other events at specific times throughout the year.

A community food pantry is available at the Bargain Boutique, operated by CouleeCAP, located at 200 East Blackhawk Avenue. It provides assistance to those in need. The food pantry works in conjunction with the Salvation Army and other organizations in the area to help the community. Catholic Charities, just across the street from Bargain Boutique at 105 North Wacouta Street, offers professional financial guidance, assistance and planning through consumer credit education, budgeting, debt management plans, money management techniques, and representative payees. It also provides domestic abuse prevention programs and emergency services.

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