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About Businesses

Prairie du Chien is a growing center for business and industry. The Prairie du Chien Economic Development Corporation works with new businesses coming into the community and with existing businesses as they expand their operations. Two industrial parks in the city offer prime business sites for perspective clients. The city is part of one of Wisconsin’s Community Development Zone, which provides cost savings to new and expanding initiatives through tax credit incentives.

The City of Prairie du Chien has an aggressive economic development program. The program utilizes a public/private partnership to create win-win situations for entities involved. Historically, the City of Prairie du Chien has successfully utilized available financial assistance programs to help promote economic development. Prairie du Chien has:

  1. utilized tax increment financing
  2. issued numerous Industrial Revenue Bonds
  3. assisted businesses obtain labor training grants
  4. established a local economic development loan program.

The primary labor area of Prairie du Chien consists of the following counties: Crawford and Grant counties in Wisconsin plus Clayton and Allamakee counties in Iowa. The workforce of Prairie du Chien is characterized by a strong Mid-western work ethic where people are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and put in a hard day’s work. Professional positions may be filled with local or out-of-state people attracted to the scenic beauty of the area, the friendly residents, and small-town atmosphere.

A good mix of electrical, mechanical, plumbing, excavation, and architectural contractors support the healthy industrial base of the area. Prairie du Chien hosts over a dozen industrial firms from family-owned businesses to international companies. Some of the area businesses include:

  • 3M Company
  • Bennett Hardwood Lumber
  • Cabela’s; Design Homes, Inc.
  • Dillman Equipment, Inc.
  • Miniature Precision Components, Inc.
  • Prairie Industries; Prairie Sand & Gravel
  • Peavey Company and Universal Forest Products

Businesses reach out into the global marketplace through active websites and participation in other business promotion opportunities. These investments help keep pace with economic growth and market demands for products produced and sold in Prairie du Chien.

Prairie du Chien is surrounded by rich farmland and numerous family farms. The agriculture industry plays a major role in the thriving economy of the southwest region of the state. Local banks provide the support necessary for new and expanding businesses. The combination of a good business portfolio, capital incentives, and a strong labor force affords Prairie du Chien a strong economic base to build on for years to come.

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